Chill Beets is taking off and we have a new album in the works!


It's been a few weeks since I posted here, but what a long time it's been. I have been pushing full steam ahead making Chill Beets be the best it can possible be.

We have had a couple of sponsorships that have been outstanding and really given us the exposure that we needed. The excitement from the community has been overwhelming. Yesterday we hit an amazing achievement by reaching over 1000 listeners on Spotify. Apple Music, YouTube Music and Amazon Music have all seen great growth as well. Your voices have all been heard, DMCA music that you can use for your content without fear of reprisal from the record industry is important to you and we are glad to be able to provide that!

On September 1st we will be dropping our next EDM album, Blast Off! I figured a space themed album would be a perfect fit with everything going on with the James Webb Space Telescope right now and the rocket symbolizes how Chill Beets has really been taking off lately.

Thanks for everything you guys do. I have tried to make every effort to follow your channels and come hang out with you guys and I will continue to do that. There are so many great small streamers on Twitch and I hope to get to meet all of you!

Thanks so much for everything and as always...

F the record industry...

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